1. 2A Convertor – It make document of 2A downloaded from GSTN portal, compatible and convert in single line item (it is very useful for the person not using any software/tool). CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

2. Party Wise Reconciliation( ver. 2.2) – It ignores invoice number and give reports on entire detail up to 10,000 line items, party wise (supplier wise) and gives various reports like match cases, only at portal, only in books and summary report on book vs portal (It is very useful tool for auditor as well as for the compliance of rule 36(4)). Note that no expert knowledge required. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

3. Invoice wise Reconciliation (ver. 2.2) – Though purpose is served through party wise reconciliation but reconciliation to be more perfect, this utility is prepared. Criteria for matching is Invoice number and Taxes. Further user may ignore difference up to his desired value. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (REVISED)

4. Rule 36(4) of GST (utility for implementation) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD